Venice Restaurants and Food Guide

Venice offers an amazing dining experience and you get to enjoy the best of Italian cuisine. There are various Venice hotels that you can stay in during your visit. The cuisine is amazing and there are several restaurants to try out during your visit.

You have different options to choose from when it comes to dining in the Venice area. You can get a restaurant with a romantic atmosphere it you are in the city with your partner. It is also possible to find some trendy restaurants in the city if you want an atmosphere that is livelier.

It is important to check which restaurants are open when you get to the city because some of them remain closed for a couple of weeks during winter and summer.

Venice Bars
Most of the bars in the city double up as cafes but you will still be able to order alcoholic drinks. The prices of the drinks vary and they are determined by the service that you are getting. If you have a waiter serving you, it will cost more compared to being at the bar. The foods you should expect in the bars while you are in the city include tramezzini and Panini sandwiches.

Venice Cafes
There are several amazing street cafes in the city and they serve a wide variety of snacks and lunches. The lunch served is usually light and you can get various Italian delicacies including pasta dishes, pizza slices, superb salads and sandwiches. All these delicacies are served with some of the best Italian cheese.

Venice Restaurants
In Venice, lunch is usually served at 12.30pm and you get dinner at around 8pm. It is possible to get dinner earlier in one of the Venice restaurants. The starters usually include olives, beef, ham and sea food. This is followed some soup, pasta or rice. The main course in the meals is usually meat or fish. This can be served with vegetables or salads. The dessert is usually some pudding, fruit or cheese. The last course includes coffee and it is served after every meal.

Pizza and pasta are the most common options when dining out in Venice and it is possible to find establishments that specialize in them.

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