Some best places to Visit in Venice for free

Venice, the lagoon city of Europe is and having the prestige of being one of the most Romantic and recognized cities of the world remains into the deeper in psyche of a fondling traveler and I have not any hesitation in telling myself being one that sort of traveler and It was always in on my itinerary to travel around this city of choice and opportunities. However, my dream of visiting this city of mine most revered thought became jittery since the arrival of Euro in Europe and I felt it more burdensome on my wallet. Somehow I gathered enough courage to travel this city on the very first idea that erupted into my mind at the beginning of the year. So I landed straight at a nearest airport to Venice and reached my pre booked hotels in Venice, yet I have already told about my intentions and thoughts on budgeting therefore I preferred one of the cheap hotels in Venice.

On my visit to Venice after staying into the hotel with my moments of relaxation I started the tour of the city with some most favorite spots that can be traveled absolutely for free.  So, I started my trip to the city from traveling around The Venetian Waterfront. The Venetian waterfront from since very long time or completely is constructed there on the sea about on over 114 islands that employs canals and boats in place of streets and cars.   I had the ample opportunity there to act at waterfront as I found shops as well as restaurant instead of streets and cars. I even made the best opportunity of walking along the promenade as it provided me opportunity to pass the docks where yachts and many other ocean cruisers stay. At this route one can also have the chance to see the charming hotels and exhibition places.

The next popular spot that I visited out there was the St Mark’s Square where couple holdings hands at the piazza was surrounded by pigeons and vendors selling out roses. I found it indeed to be the very romantic spot right out there imaginatively at night when one can listen to the music and can keep up the lighting Doge’s Palace across the water. That was the most unforgettable experience of my life. After that I moved to watch out the Basilica that indeed a great architectural treat for anyone liking art and creativity. The structure of the Basilica has the Byzantine style dome and an extra ordinary interior showing up the gold mosaics. The last receptacle on the tour of the city was the island of Murano and Burano that was watched out by me on that eventful day. Murano is much famous for its Venetian glass that is exported globally and the Burano has many a numbers of the brightly painted houses. After that I went back to my hotel that I even rated as after the comfort there as a one of the best Venice Hotels.

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